The World’s Most Impressive Stadiums

Stadiums are used for a variety of purposes. From hosting concerts to football games, the world’s best stadiums usually present you with breathtaking views and scenery. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most impressive stadiums found in the world and a few reasons why you need to visit them.

Most Impressive Stadiums Found in the World

Panathenaic Stadium

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This stadium is located in Athens, Greece and is holds the title of being where the modern Olympics started. The stadium itself is modeled after the ancient one that was built all the way back in 330BC for the Panathenian games. It wasn’t until the 1830s that the remanents of the original stadium were found during an excavation. Wanna take a jog here? No problem. It’s open for joggers every day from 7:30 am to 9:00 am.

National Stadium

Located in Beijing, China, the National Stadium has the capacity to sit up to 80,000 people. It features a retractable roof and has the appearance of a bird’s nest. If you ever visit Beijing, this stadium should be a must-visit hot spot.

National Stadium (Taiwan)

Also referred to as the National Stadium, this one is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and has the capacity to seat up to 55,000. Not quite as large as the one found in Beijing, the National Stadium in Taiwan still provides a great venue for some of the area’s events. One of the notable aspects of this stadium is that it is the world’s first to provide power to itself using solar energy technology. In fact, the panels located on the exterior of the stadium have the ability to generate nearly 100 percent of the power that it takes for the stadium to remain in operation. That’s impressive!


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Known for being the second largest stadium in Europe, Wembley was designed by HOK Sport and Foster and Partners. This is another stadium that has a retractable roof, making it perfect for events regardless of the weather outside. It is extremely large with the capacity to seat up to 90,000 people.


This was the scene of the 1936 Olympics. Hitler himself had the arena built and although it only has a seating capacity for up to 71,064, Hitler’s propaganda for the event ended up packing in more than 110,000 people. Even after the Second World War, the stadium remained almost untouched, giving it a lot of history.

Ericsson Globe

This smaller stadium might not match up to others in regards to its size, but it still is the largest hemispherical building found on earth. Used primarily for ice hockey, the Ericsson Globe is beautiful and even hosted the Eurovision back in the year 2000.

Allianz Arena

Most Impressive Stadiums 3

Opened in 2005, this arena is well known for its ability to change color depending on the team playing in it. It goes by the famous nickname “Schauchboot” and is home to the 1860 Munich football club as well as the Bayern Munich club.

Soccer City

With a capacity to seat up to 94,700 people, the Soccer City stadium is truly marvelous. It is the largest arena on the African continent and sits atop the site of an old gold mine. It formerly went by the anme FNB Stadium, but then underwent a major facelift for the World Cup in 2010. If you visit the stadium at night, you are in for a great surprise. There is a ring of lights that run around the bottom of it, which gives the appearance of it being on fire.

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The World’s Most Impressive Stadiums

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