When Is The Time To Say Good Bye In A Relationship?

In all times, relationships are always complicated that there are moments when you are so happy and then there are times when things are so bleak. At times like these, it makes you feel like maybe it is time to finally say goodbye and let go. There are all kinds of challenges, ups and downs that can take down the foundation of your relationships.

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Sure, it will test your trust in each other and when you are able to go through the bad times together, it can make your relationship stronger. But, how can you tell when it is enough? At what point it is in your relationship that you can finally tell yourself, “It’s enough. This is it. I’m done with it.”?  When is it the time to finally say goodbye? Here are the signs for you:

Signs Telling You to Say Goodbye to Your Relationship

Love can bring you so much bliss, but it can also be intoxicating. That toxic love can bring you so much heartache that in the end, your biggest regret is that why you could not have seen the signs. This is probably where that “love is blind” and “love conquers all” illusion which makes you not see all the signs when it is plain to see.


 1.  Fighting More Often Than Not for Illogical Reasons

Fighting now and then is normal in a relationship. It does not necessarily mean that you have an unhealthy relationship. However, when the fighting happens more often than not when the cause is usually illogical or petty in nature and when it results to hurting each other, it is already a sign of a draining relationship. You can try to work things out for you and your partner, but remember that nobody deserves to be in a negative relationship so take your time out of the tiring cycle of fighting all the time.

2.  When the Trust is Gone

In a relationship, trust is one of the foundations. It is important that you can trust your partner so when you grow the habit of checking each other’s phone, it is not a good sign. Your suspicions will only grow, become paranoid and do nothing but to look for proof or a flaw. When that happens, you also begin to see all the bad things in your relationship that nothing is left but that. So when trust is broken, it is better to confront it instead of getting swallowed by the bitterness that you lose yourself.

3.  When There is Lack of Sex

Sex is not the whole point of the relationship, of course, but it is crucial in a healthy relationship. When there is a lack of sex, it is already a sign that something is happening. This means that you have both, or at least one of you has grown apart, not only emotionally but physically as well. So if your love life is lacking sex, it goes to say maybe you are not happy anymore.

4.  The Good Times Have Been Outweighed by Bad

Do you want to know how much you still want to stay committed to your relationship? How about measuring how many good times you have over the bad times you’ve suffered? A lot of hard times will come in between you and your partner, but if the bad has already outweighed the good, there is no need for you to stick to it. If you cannot even remember when was it that you were happy, that’s a sign you should not miss.

5.  When the Relationship is All Lop-Sided

Relationships are an effort between the two of you. It is only sustainable when it’s the two of you but when it is one-sided effort, it can never move forward. When you’re the only one who wants to do the hard work, soon you will feel tired and you will only eventually give up. That, in itself, is already a sign that the relationship is not healthy, especially for the one that’s doing all the effort.

When you recognize all these signs, it may be the time that you consider yourself and not the relationship. Nobody deserves to be constrained and defined by their relationships. It is the time that you think more of yourself and begins to find ways on healing yourself. At times like these, being with your family and friends can greatly help you.

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When Is The Time To Say Good Bye In A Relationship?

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