The Wait Is Over: Tiger Woods Is Back

As a golfer, fresh air is not particularly hard to come by. Professional golfers make their career and lifestyle a long-extended vacation. Though there is the pressure of playing on point, at the end of the day, they still get to spend the majority of their day on the golf course.

woodsWoods recently finds himself in the Bahamas at the Hero World Challenge, but the path on the way there wasn’t an easy journey. Although successful for most of his career, the longevity of his golf venture has placed him under the knife for four back surgeries and found him dabbling with the management of pain and medication. Woods is no stranger to struggle, but also is quite familiar with success

Despite all the challenges he has had to overcome these past years, he still finds himself fighting hard and playing well, at the top of the leaderboard at the tournament.

At the Hero World Challenge, his first two holes were birdied and finished the third hole only one stroke behind Tommy Fleetwood, who was leading at the time. After that stroke, Woods played stroke after stroke with the same class and finesse he had honed and perfected almost a decade ago.

This Challenge marks only the second competitive tournament he’s played in within the past year. He deems the tournament as successful.

As for pain, Woods stated himself as okay after the first round, and though he might not feel like he was not performing his best, he still finished top five in the rankings after Friday. He actually ranked his best nine-hole score in exactly 1,457 days. He actually was impressive to most, such as Joe LaCava his caddie, who honestly and personally stated that he hadn’t thought that Woods was going to improve so quickly.

Fans there on that day had claimed that Woods might actually be “back”, including two-time Olympic gold medal sprinter, Canadian Donovan Bailey. Followed by fans from all around the world claiming that he had been missed and that he finally is back. Woods is, of course, flattered by all the attention, and talks about how “humbling” it is that “so many people really enjoyed” what he did in the first 20 years of his career and on the Tour.

hero-world-challengeHis History in the Hospital

At the end of the day, it is clear that Woods has winning back again on his mind. Although he knows that he is not going to be able to play forever, he is hopeful and positive on his outlook for the future. In total, Woods has gone under for eight surgeries and isn’t sure that he can ever get back to being 100 percent, and is ready for a realistic outlook when someone asks him about his future of professional golf.

Though many skeptics have expressed their concern and mentioned that Woods has a bad back and more money than he could spend, retiring from golf doesn’t seem like such a terrible option for Woods. However, the man is competitive and seems to be back.

Comment below on your thoughts about Woods, especially if you’ve seen him in the tournament.

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The Wait Is Over: Tiger Woods Is Back

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