The Most Unbreakable Sports Record

Records are made to break, right? These are some impressive numbers we can share, and we are also going to tell you where the record stands today! It is interesting to see and update!



Everyone’s favorite Oriole, Cal Ripken, Jr. busted Lou Gehrig’s record when he played in his 2,131st consecutive game. This one is not likely to fall soon since he tacked on an additional 501 games. Cal’s closest runner-up is Alcides Escobar with 146 games. It looks like it’s going to take a while to catch up to Cal! In case you were wondering, the MLB season is a total of 162 games. Cal played more than 16 seasons with no missed games.

Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio (The Yankee Clipper) holds the record for 56 consecutive game hits. Ender Inciarte is on a current 14 game roll. Joe’s streak lasted from May 15 to July 17, 1941. With Joe’s 91 hits out of 223 at-bats, he hit 15 homers and batted in more than 50 runs. Ender needs a hit in each of his next 42 games to tie the record.

Bartolo Colon has 231 career wins, but it’s going to be tough for him to break Cy Young’s record of 511. The record is already more than 100 years old, and it is still twice as many as the next active pitcher. Good luck Mr. Colon, our calculations indicate you would need about 21 more seasons, putting you at the age of 65. Who knows? Modern medicine is doing amazing things!


Hall of Famer, Barry Sanders set a record with 1,500 rushing yard seasons for five seasons. Adrian Peterson is closing in but has a good way to go.  He just missed last season with only 1,485 yards; however, he does have two seasons under his belt!

Our beloved Packer quarterback, Brett Favre set a record with 321 consecutive starts. He also holds records for most pass completions, and most passing yards. Is it any wonder that he was hesitant to retire? Eli Manning is the closest competitor, and he will need to start each game for the next eight seasons. At the ripe old age of 36, he may not make it, but let’s give him a nod for trying!


Was Jerry Rice the greatest NFL wide receiver ever? Maybe, he had 1,549 receptions over his 20-year NFL career. Andre Johnson is coming in second with 1,053, and he could break Jerry’s record if he can average 80 receptions for another six seasons. Andre is currently 36 years of age. What do you’ll think?

Even if you’re not a Cowboy fan, you have to love Emmitt Smith and his 18,355-rushing yard record. He attained that through his 15 seasons the Boys and the Cardinals. Frank Gore is trying to take the lead with current 12,040 yards; however, it’s going to take an average carry of 4.2 yards on his next 1,504 touches. This should take about another six seasons.


The Great One, Wayne Gretzky scored a mere 2,857 points over his incredible career before retiring in 1999. Wayne is the owner of over 60 NHL records many of which will never be broken. A current player could score 140 points per season for 20 seasons and still not get close to Gretzky. He was awesome and a joy to watch!


The Villanova Wildcats have a winning streak of six games. That’s a long way from the current UCLA male basketball team, who has an 88-game winning streak. If the Wildcats can pull off two perfect seasons consecutively, we’ll have a horse race. It’s been 39 years since any college basketball team has had a perfect season.

For the lady Huskies of UConn, with a 75-game winning streak, they have a chance to break the current Connecticut ladies team record of 90 consecutive wins. As winners of four national titles, we think you can do it, ladies! Go for it!

What records do you and your family hold? Share them with us below please, even if they don’t relate to sports!

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The Most Unbreakable Sports Record

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