Things No One Ever Mentions About Wimbledon

Wimbledon is considered the oldest tennis tournament across the globe, and has the distinction of being regarded as the most prestigious tennis championship tournament in the world. In the world of professional tennis there are four tournaments considered to be a Grand Slam championship tournament.  They are:

The Australian Open – a hard surface tournament
The French Open – a clay surface tournament
Wimbledon – a grass surface tournament
The U.S. Open – – a hard surface tournament

about-wimbledon-1Wimbledon never fails to deliver what every tennis fan wants:

Tense, Nail-biting Matches
A Glance at the Royal Family
Underdog Victories
Tradition Rich Tournament Guides
Expensive Strawberries
If you are lucky enough to visit the All-England Tennis Club (founded 1868) to watch the Wimbledon tennis extravaganza, you should know that:

Wimbledon is debatably one of the best sporting events in Britain.
The Wimbledon courts during the championship are played without any advertising signs or slogans.
It is traditionally played around the beginning of July each year.
Wimbledon continues to include a strict dress code.
Wimbledon runs for a fortnight and attracts more than a 1/2 million visitors each year.
As Wimbledon is played in the rainy climate of England, a retractable roof was installed in 2009. This roof can close or open in only 20 minutes.
The Ladies Tournament was added in 1884.
Mixed Doubles and Ladies Doubles were added in 1913.
Up until 1922, the current Wimbledon champion was only required to play their challenger in the final.
Wimbledon was first shown on TV in June 1937 by the BBC.
Centre Court has a 15,000-person capacity, with the Royal Box located at the southern end of Centre Court.
about-wimbledon-2The following list details some important information to know should you be planning your visit to the Wimbledon championships next July.

When Is It Best To Watch The Championships?

During the 1st week of the Wimbledon championships, one can feel the magic and excitement only felt at the beginning of the tournament at Wimbledon. There are many matches being played during the first few days and it is likely you can see your favorite tennis player’s match.

You Can Purchase Tickets The Same Day

One can arrive the day of the action and have a reasonable chance of buying cost effective tickets. However, the only chance of getting a same day ticket is if you camp overnight at the Wimbledon grounds.

Prepare for Long Lines, at Times, Very Long Lines

There are waiting lines for entering the tennis courts, strawberries and bathrooms.

about-wimbledon-3The Royal Boxʉ۬is Unreachable

You might want to snap a picture of Prince William or the Queen, but be forewarned that the security surrounding the Royal Box is unmatched. But fret not as this granddaddy of tennis tournaments draws a lot of A-Listers walking about or enjoying a match. It is likely you will spot someone famous at Wimbledon.

Watch Out for the Other Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club is situated next door to the All England Lawn Tennis Club. If you think you will be confused, fret not, as the club you want to go to is the one with massive lines of tennis fanatics waiting to get inside.

BYO Cocktails

You might be surprised to learn ticket holders at Wimbledon are allowed to bring their own cocktails onto the grounds. However, the drinks you bring are limited to:

One bottle of wine or Champagne or
Two cans of beer, or stout or
Two pre-mixed aperitifs per person


Fortified Wines and Spirit bottles are not permitted.
Alcohol must be consumed in authorized areas.

From Henman Hill to Murray Mound

Many Wimbledon attendees do not have Centre Court tickets. For those who do not, you can still enjoy the semi-final or final match from Murray Mound (as in Andy Murray).  On Murray Mound (formerly called – Henman Hill) you can enjoy a picnic and sip some wine while watching a large screen of the Centre court battle being played.

There is a Good Chance it Might Rain

British weather is famously unpredictable. But there is always a chance to experience the famous England rain, especially if you are unprepared. Be smart and bring a rain poncho just in case Mother Nature begins to let loose.

It’s All About the Tennis Ball

There are 54,250 tennis balls used during the Wimbledon championships. Tennis balls are replaced after 7 to 9 games to ensure they remain true to their shape for every participant. Way back when, Wimbledon was played with white tennis balls.  In 1986, these white balls were replaced with the familiar neon yellow were replaced with yellow balls in 1986 to make them more visible to TV cameras.

The Hardworking Ball Boys and Ball Girls

The Wimbledon tournament employs about 250 ball boys and girls. They are generally referenced as  – BBGs. It is their task to keep track of every tennis ball on the court. In fact, months before the championships begin; BBGs complete an intensive training program in preparation for the tournament.

The Winner’s Trophy

In 1968, the Wimbledon men’s champion earned $2,621, in today’s dollar this amount of money would be worth  $18,652. The following list reveals the approximate cash winnings over the past few decades:

1968:  $2,621

1973:  $6,500

1978:  $24,800

1983:  $87,200

1988:  $216,200

1993:  $399,600

1998:  $569,900

2003:  $753,400

2008:  $982,700

2013:  $2,096,400

2017:  $2,882,600

Aside from the above-noted cash winnings, Wimbledon presents the Ladies’ champion with a round salver that was designed in 1864. Wimbledon presents the Men’s champion with a gold cup that was designed in 1887. However, no one gets to keep the first place trophy as they are kept on display at the All England Club.

Winners do get to go home with a replica of the winner’s trophy.

The Longest Match – 11 Hours And 5 Minutes

In 2010, John Isner, an American player, defeated Nicolas Mahut, a French player, in a match that lasted more than three days.

The Take-Away

Wimbledon, a tennis tournament steeped in history and tradition, has managed to retain their esteemed place as the most prestigious and celebrated tennis tournament in the world.  If you have an opportunity to participate in the Wimbledon experience, take it!

It is unlike any other.

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Things No One Ever Mentions About Wimbledon

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