The Passwords You Must Never Use

There are hundreds to thousands of internet users whose data are usually stolen. This is mainly due to the presence of data hackers. It is, therefore, essential to keep all information safe and protected.  The following internet passwords are among the worst to consider. And thus, you must never use them in any of your internet accounts.

Password Security

The passwords you must never use are as follows:


The 12345 password has already been the most overused passwords of all time. It is also very surprising to know that a lot of people use this password for their online accounts. Hackers can easily detect this. If you have this type of password, it is best for you to just change it right away.

Social Security Number

Another password you should not use is the social security number. Even though some people believed that containing social security number in their password is good, this will still end up in worst scenario. And, of course, you would not want your number to be hacked.

You may have used this number in filling out information. Even the approval of credit cards, insurance companies, tax forms, loans and all other accounts should also include the social security number. When this information has already been submitted to a particular company, your number will now be on their database.  This gives people the opportunity to get in touch with your internet account.


Your name should also not be considered in your passwords. This already gives hackers an idea when trying to steal your account. If you would use your name as your password, they can easily and immediately have access to your account.

Old Password

When a particular website requires you to completely change your password, then do it. Do not try to make use of the old password. Websites will often ask you to change your old password into a new one for security reasons. This is actually more about the safety and the protection of your account. This is also especially because of the many internet hackers who might be interested in stealing your account.


It is also a common scenario for people to keep on using 696969 for their internet account password.  This is a password that you should never use. This is especially because most of the hackers these days are familiar with this password. There are a lot of fund managers and CEO’s all over the world who have already used this password. And, the worst part is that most of the hackers already hacked their account.

Passcode of Dream Board

Be more careful in using passwords that are also easy to have access with. There are some people who make use of their passcode in dream boards. This is simply not an ideal thing to do. You need to leave some ideas of dream board such as LOSE30POUNDS, Corvette and more.

If you find it difficult creating your password, make use of an even stronger generator of password. This way, you can simply get the best password idea.

Password Protection

These are among the passwords you must never use in any of your internet accounts.  This is due to the reason that these passwords have already been common to hackers. There may also be a possibility that they can steal your passwords and get access to your account. And as early as now, you need to avoid the passwords mentioned above for your internet account safety and protection.

And, keep your passwords as private as possible for your safety and security!

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The Passwords You Must Never Use

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