How to Stay Fit on Vacation

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Travelling for vacation can easily throw your daily routine out of balance. It becomes harder to adhere to strict timetables without constant reminders, alarms, and time limitations during your daily routine. As expected, vacations are a great time to relax and hence, an easy time to also put on weight.

However, it is possible to keep fit even as you travel to an island or other countries, by utilizing the resources around you. The hotel you stay in may not have the best gym or your usual fitness trainer, but with a few tips and enough discipline, you can definitely stay fit on vacation.

1. The Diet.

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Travelling to various places means indulging yourself in other cultures, especially meals and beverages. It is great to try new cuisines and share new experiences, but remember that every meal consumed will add more calories into your daily diet. To prevent weight gain, keep the following tips in mind.

Eating before traveling- Try eating at home before traveling to avoid stopping over at fast food restaurants or snacking at the airports. A healthy homemade meal will help you watch your calorie intake, and save some money for a souvenir during your vacation.

Avoid snacking while you recover from your jetlag. When you are traveling to a distant place, adjusting to the new time zone can be hectic. It is easy to snack at odd hours of the night, and you have to train your body. If you are too hungry to wait for normal meal times, try a healthy snack.

Plan ahead – Restaurants are easily found online, and you could easily locate a healthy one to dine in before you hit the road.

This will help you avoid snacking at drive-through fast food joints. Visit various websites, and chat to find out details on their menus and chefs, their offers and advantages. A variety of restaurants prepare off-menu meals and are suitable for anyone looking to keep fit.

Watch the buffets – As exciting as buffets are, especially during the vacation, avoid filling your plate with every item on the menu. Limit your eating to small portions if you want to try a variety of meals, in order to reduce the carb intake. If you feel that you have eaten beyond your calorie target, ensure you workout to burn the extra calories.

Consistency – Aim at being consistent, even during your vacation. This can be achieved through research to find out the meals that you can eat as substitutes. Ask questions, carry out personal research and consult a nutritionist if you have to. Prior preparation will help you adjust quickly, and still have fun during your vacation.

Food Markets – If you have the chance, visit food markets for fresher goods. The commodities are not only cheaper but also give you the chance to prepare your own meal. Stock the mini-fridge at the hotel and warm up sandwiches you may need for breakfast and other snacks during the day. Going to the food market will also provide a chance to walk and stay fit.

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Carry a snack – Vacation itinerary involves plenty of movement to view the surroundings. Prepare and carry your own healthy snack. Carrying your own snack will help you avoid eating unwanted meals, due to lack of an alternative. You could also purchase a cooler to carry water, sandwiches, fruits, raw vegetables, and yogurt for a little road trip.

Watch your Beverages – It is easy to lose count of your calorie intake especially when there are no restraints on the beers and cocktails you can consume daily. You can carry some water, or buy some when you feel thirsty instead of taking soda and energy drinks. If you decide to have a few nights of drinking, take a lot of water after that to stay healthy and keep your body hydrated.

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Swap the Meals – Instead of going for fried meals, choose grilled or baked meals to cut down on the oils. Ask for modifications at the restaurant and take lots of salads and vegetables instead of increasing the carbs on your plate. You could also look up menus on the internet to find new ways of preparing local cuisines with a healthy touch. Avoid desserts such as cake and ice cream and go for fruits instead.

Do not Skip Meals – As busy as you may be, moving from one site to the other, avoid skipping meals, because you may increase your calorie intake in the next meal. If it is impossible to access a restaurant, carry healthy snacks to eat during the day.

Remember that you have to stay healthy, and skipping meals will only strain your body.

Staying Hydrated – It is easy to become dehydrated, especially when spending most of your time in the sun. Carry enough water, and buy some if it runs out. Poor hydration could give you the illusion of false hunger, leading to over-eating. Some areas have clean water fountains where you can refill your bottle and save some cash.

2. The Exercise.

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Go to the Gym – Carry out your research to find out if your vacation home or hotel has a gym. You could also find the gyms within the local areas, and look up some of the reviews, to ensure that the trainers are certified. Once you get there, come up with a daily routine that suits your itinerary for easier workouts.

Stay prepared – You could also try your usual routine by traveling with your workout mat and gym clothes. Try starches that do not involve gym equipment, and look for routines that encourage the use of ordinary household items such as chairs to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Try the Stairs – Instead of taking the lift to your room, be different and take the stairs. This is a great way to burn a few calories and keep fit.

Be adventurous – Vacations offer a great time to view new places. Instead of sitting in the hotel room all day, walk around a beach, take a hike, go rock climbing, try different new sports, and jog in the fresh air.

Take advantage of your surroundings – Manipulate what you have to keep fit. If you live near a beach, try jogging, surfing, or beach volleyball. If you are close to the mountains, take a hike, bike rides, and long walks as you breathe in the fresh air.

Site Seeing Through Walking – It is easy to go through a city in taxis and trains. Instead of relying on vehicles, put on some comfortable shoes and walk. This will help you keep fit, but also enjoy everything the city has to offer. It is impossible to pay attention to detail in a car, so choose walking over the taxi whenever you can.

Setting Targets – Thanks to technology, you can easily keep track of the calories you burn every day. Set a target for yourself to give you a sense of direction and motivation. Once you reach the target, reward yourself and enjoy the vacation.

Play with the children – If you are traveling with the kids, do not sit back while they run around the beach. Keep yourself involved by playing with them, toss a few balls, and even build some sand castles. This is an easy way to stay fit and also have some quality family time.

3. Relax.

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Avoid Work – If you take the vacation to relax, then do it. Avoid calling work, or carrying work to your vacation. It will only get you stressed out, and unfortunately, stress could make you skip meals, over-eat, or snack a lot.

Meditation -Take time to think about your life, make adjustments, and who knows, you may discover a great way to actually keep fit.

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How to Stay Fit on Vacation

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