Sources: Patriots Pull Privileges of Tom Brady’s Trainer

A report published in the Boston Globe said that the New England Patriots had taken away privileges from Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s personal trainer, which has increased the speculation problems exist between Bill Belichick and the trainer.

boston-globeGuerrero is Brady’s close friend and one of his business partners. He helped Brady launch his TB12 Center in which Brady and several New England players have been training and receiving treatment dating back to the beginning of 2013.

The report in the Boston Globe says Guerrero, who has an office of his own near the New England locker room at Gillette Stadium, is not permitted any longer to treat Patriots players besides Brady in his office. The report said he has also been banned from boarding the team’s jet and lost his access to the sideline during games.

Due to the new set of restrictions Guerrero has been faced with, several players on the Patriots continue to be treated by him, but only at the TB12 Center, which is located outside Gillette Stadium.

When asked this week about a possible problem between Belichick and Guerrero, Brady said he did not have a comment related to that other than it has been well-documented his trainer has been a very big part of what he does, and he was fortunate to have Alex not just as a friend but involved with everything the two of us have been able to do.

Brady added that Guerrero is a big, big reason the Patriots star quarterback is still playing even though he is 40 years old.

Brady Praises Guerrero

The connection between Brady and Guerrero is well-known. The quarterback last November said that it was Guerrero who should be credited with his recovery following a devastating knee injury in 2008 and for being helpful in him achieving peak “pliability” that has extended his playing career.

Two years ago, a report in the Boston Globe said the role of Guerrero with the Patriots caused friction amongst both the training and medical staff of New England and the trainer. The staff were concerned that the alternative treatments used by Guerrero clashed with the methods used by the team.

In turn, that led some of the medical and training staff members to speak to Belichick about their concerns. However, the report at that time in the Boston newspaper said Belichick told the team’s training staff that he could not do anything due to the special status Brady had on the team.

Brady and Belichick Silent

The development has caused friction. Brady and Belichick have worked together over a span of 18 years, but the two have refused to speak publicly about this latest distraction.

While Brady spoke highly of Guerrero this week, his coach declined to address that issue during his regular weekly interview circuit.

Belichick is known for not liking distractions. He likes divisiveness, whether real or perceived, even less. Those on the inside believe that restricting of Guerrero’s presence at the stadium and on the plane might lessen some of the current tension.

Guerrero uses a holistic approach to his training that involves alternative therapeutic and nutritional plans. This is against the course of the training staff of the Patriots and therein lies some of the problem.

The organization knows Guerrero is not going anywhere as long as Brady is a Patriot. He is the godfather of Brady’s son, Ben. However, the coaches and staff want to at least make somewhat of a separation in order to maintain control of the players’ health.

patriotsAs long as the Patriots continue to win, these problems remain secondary. New England is leading the AFC with a record of 11-3 along with Pittsburgh are considered the top two teams in the conference.

Should the Patriots ban Alex Guerrero? Is this tension going to hurt New England’s Super Bowl chances?

What Do You Think?

Sources: Patriots Pull Privileges of Tom Brady’s Trainer

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