Signs That It’s Time to Get New Sports Equipment

It’s easy to get comfortable with existing sports equipment; you just get used to the look and feel since you see them every day. It’s too easy, so much so that you could be harming your health by continuing to use the old equipment. We’re not just talking about your home gym either; we’re talking wearable sports gear too.

sports equipmentHome Gym Equipment

When it comes to your home gym equipment, it can be just like your work out gear, we simply get used to the way it looks and feels, and we adjust as needed. We’re putting ourselves at risk for injury if we ignore the signs. If a piece of equipment requires maintenance, parts, or replacement, try not to delay too long. Here are a few signs that the time is now:

  • Check regularly for missing or worn components, which are easy to overlook. If they are worn or missing, your equipment has likely lived a good life; however, it’s time to go to gym heaven. You may not be getting an effective workout.
  • Quirky smells or noises are another sign of equipment past its prime. Sounds are indicators of broken parts, and burning smells are signs of wearing, they can also be fire hazards. Ask yourself a few questions, and if you answer “yes” to any, please seek out maintenance, repairs or new equipment.
    • Do you smell rubber burning?
    • Is there a knocking noise in your treadmill?
    • Can you hear gears grinding?
  • If your console isn’t reporting accurate numbers, then your equipment is also wearing, and it’s time to do some replacement shopping. Plus, who wants to work out when the fun part isn’t functional? Everyone wants to know how many calories were burned!

The Basics

It’s your essential equipment, like clothes, shoes and such that also need to be considered for upgrades or replacements. Think about it; it probably gets more abuse, washings, and use than your “good work” clothes yet not nearly the same amount of attention. Let’s break it down together:

  • Water bottles that are refillable should be replaced about once per year. Plastic containers should be replaced more often than glass or stainless steel. If you do choose plastic, try to make it BPA free so nasty chemicals don’t lurk in your water.
  • Running shoes and gym shoes should be replaced about every three to five hundred miles. That is going to vary based on your workout. Things like treadmill running or walking versus pavement. Concrete is the least forgiving surface. If you don’t want to track miles, a good rule of thumb is at least annual replacements or better semi-annual.
  • Men, take a break we need to talk about sports bras. Ladies, if the fabric has lost its stretching ability, or if you are not getting the support you need, treat yourself to a new bra, please.
  • Leggings, biking shorts, and other spandex types of clothing, generally needs replacing every one or two years or as soon as they lose their elasticity.
  • Yoga mats should be replaced every six to 12 months or if your joints hurt before or after your sessions.
  • Sweatbands should be replaced every two to three months. They are like your clothes, lots of sweating and washing just make them nasty quickly. The same is true for hats and headbands. Wearing them too long can result in breakouts and itching that can be annoying.
  • Socks should be replaced about once per year or when you no longer feel a cushion under your feet or the elastic poops out. Your heel should be fully covered, if not trash them so you can avoid any foot distress.

running-shoesSo, there you have all the news on getting sports equipment upgraded or replaced. Stay safe and tell us when you replace your equipment in the comments section below!



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Signs That It’s Time to Get New Sports Equipment

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