Seahawks vs. Cardinals

If you weren’t on the NFL channel last night, you missed the Seahawks kicking butt in the University of Phoenix Stadium; however, that wasn’t the biggest story that came out of the game. Cornerback, Richard Sherman is out for the rest of the season (boo!). He left the game during the third quarter with a very painful ruptured Achilles tendon. Once the swelling subsides, Richard undergoes surgery. He entered the NFL in 2011, and has never missed a game; however, he did confess that his Achilles has been bothersome all season. You are awesome to watch Richard; we’ll miss you as much as your team!


Also, early in the third quarter, Russell Wilson took a wallop to the chin that caused him to be escorted off the field for concussion testing. The quarterback entered the private medical tent for only seconds, missed one play, and was back out on the field. The league is now investigating the alleged concussion testing that was performed. Russell assures us he was, and is fine; however, if the league determines that proper concussion protocol was not followed, we can expect some type of disciplinary action, which could include fines, and the loss of draft picks. The league has made 47 changes to the rules since 2002 to improve on medical protocols, and protect players. Twenty-nine medical professionals are deployed to the sidelines for every game.

On a more positive note, beloved Cardinal wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald became the second youngest player to reach 15,000 receiving yards. In Thursday night’s game, Larry handled ten passes, and 113 yards to reach a career total of 15,000. Bet you know who the youngest player was, care to chance a guess? Yes indeed, Jerry Rice! Jerry was a mere child of 33 when he hit the mark, and Larry is 34.

Tell us what you thought of the game! Or what game are you most looking forward to in Week 10?

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Seahawks vs. Cardinals

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