Roll the Dice: Gambling and Sports

Gambling and sports have become quite the pair, and popularity continues to grow. Gambling on sporting events adds a fresh layer of excitement to watching the games, races, etc. play out. The NFL alone grows substantially every year, and the odds, and expectations follow suit. There has been considerable effort expended to legalize gambling in several states at the local level; however, the effort to take legalization to the federal level is also underway. That federal effort is still at a very young stage.


There are some benefits to legalization:

  • It’s entertaining.
  • It gives the economy a boost.
  • It enhances tourism. Been to Vegas or Atlantic City lately?
  • It adds jobs.
  • Some consider it an investment with potentially fast, and healthy growth. Bettors can potentially triple their money in less than two days.
  • It’s human nature to want what you can’t have, and legalizing gambling would reduce the volume of illegal gamers.
  • It’s great fun if you’re winning. It is also a means of relieving stress.
  • In troubling economic times, families often turn to non-traditional means of adding to their income; it can become a matter of survival. If you have a professional gambler in the family, you know that it can be a blessing. It can also be a curse.


And that’s where the con’s come into play. You can win big, and sadly, you can also lose big, all in the blink of an eye.

  • It’s also very easy to allow betting to become an obsessive addiction, which, as we all know, can lead to far larger issues that can extend to home, family, and business.
  • Some bettors even get to the point where gambling becomes an obligation, even though the bettor knows that funds are not available.
  • Areas that have legalized gambling tend to have higher crime rates either because people have lost all their money, or because they think they can make a big cash hit by robbing a gambling site.
  • Often small businesses suffer because the legal gambling sites offer meals, and drinks, that are harmful to local bars, and restaurants.

What are your thoughts on gambling?

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Roll the Dice: Gambling and Sports

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