The Most Popular Careers in the Sports Industry

Do you consider yourself an athlete or a lover of sports? Would you like to work in the games industry and earn lucratively? If these questions constantly linger in your mind, then the sporting industry is the perfect place to be. Notably, there are very few people are athletes in the world but everyone has a particular sporting activity which they love. In the current times, the sports industry has developed to be one of the best paying careers in the world due to the enormous fan base and support that it gets. The few professional athletes can create a million opportunities to other individuals by just utilizing their talents. The jobs they create ensures that most of their colleagues and communal members benefits from the sporting industry. Notably, when you are watching your favorite soccer team play, you need to appreciate the various roles played by the people discussed below.

Professional Athlete

It is an indisputable fact that a professional and skilled athlete earns several million dollars in one year. The exact amount differs on the sport. For instance, a qualified basketball player takes home approximately 5.5 million dollars in the NBA category. Notably, soccer and football players enjoys more earning than other athletes with the best soccer player in the world making up to $29 million per year. Therefore if you such a talent it is imperative that you improve on it since it can make you the next highest paid athlete. In case you don’t have the ability to compete with professional athletes, you can play other roles related to sportsmanship.

To become a successful athlete is not only about participating in the games. Such players have to maintain a certain level of fitness, rigorous exercise, and train on weight management. Also, some of the sports require teamwork to be successful. For instance in football, soccer, hockey, and basketball, players need to practice with their teammates. Practicing as a team makes them understand how to work as a team, learn to work as a team, understand each other’s strengths and know the right skills to utilize when competing with other opponents.

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When you are a coach or a team manager, you are sure of taking home millions. However, this depends greatly on the level of coaching you offer, where you do it, who you coach, and why you do it. For instance, coaches of international soccer clubs in the European Union make a lot of money compared to those in other regions. Ironically, other coaches in high schools earn extremely less. The small salary could be because they are not employed on a full-time basis and also due to limited resources in the institutions. Nevertheless, coaching is important in the field of sports.

The roles of coaches vary widely depending on the level of players, competition level and the leagues involved. However, what all coaches have in common is the responsibility of organizing the practicing sessions. These sessions are what the coach uses to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the team. A coach will also use the session to strategize on the type of skills to use when competing with certain teams and in certain environments. They also need to be good in analyzing the opponent team to use some if not all their strengths and improve on performance.


Photography is one of the most lucrative jobs in the sports industry. If you enjoy taking photos as much as you enjoy watching your team play, then you should think of it as a career. You can add a bit of journalism which may land you into photojournalism. Here, you can be involved in a range of activities ranging from collecting photos to editing as well as presenting news materials for various news sites and broadcasts. Because the world has currently became a global village, photojournalism serves as a link between several sports and their fan bases. In this prudent to mention that this kind of journalism is not only limited to photos but also videos.

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Sports Broadcaster

When you hear sports broadcaster for the first time, you may think it’s about announcing sporting events live. When watching sport new these days, you may have seen that giving an analysis of both the teams and the athletes has currently taken the center stage. For one to comfortably do it live they must do an extensive research to understand the different performances of athletes and some of their background information. Some of the reasons why this is becoming a well-paying job are the growing demand for TV and radio networks in the sports industry. The likes of ESPN, NBC and Fox Sports have given broadcasters a chance to make up to $5 million a year.

General Managers

General Managers also referred to as team presidents depending on your location and country. They have the responsibility of hiring coaches and other administrative staff. They also have the role of assessing the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the team. Once in a while, they may look into the drafting of players and decide on the kind of trades to do with other teams. When it comes to contract negotiations with top players in the world, then these managers are in charge. While some general managers take home an average of $430,000, the top-notch ones get more than $2 million annually.

Sports Doctors and Physicians

While sports doctors are in charge of not only diagnosing but also treating athletes, physicians carry out tests to determine the extent of injuries. If an athlete needs to recover quickly, then the physician is the one to design some of the rehabilitation programs that he/she should take. The physicians also play a vital role in the training of coaches together with athletes on the proper nutrition to keep and the kind of exercise needed. Therefore, when you see physicians attending games, know that they are there to assess the suitability of an athlete in continuing to participate after an injury. On average, doctors and physicians earn about 220,000 dollars.

Umpire and Referee

Referees and umpires have the task of mastering the rules of sports because they must use them instantly in game situations. It implies that those who are in sports such as basketball, soccer, and hockey must have a superb physical fitness. In such games, they are required to run or even skate in the court until the end of a match.

When a season begins, referees and umpires usually travel a lot from one city to the next for various games. At all these times, they should have an excellent concentration ability, quick response, and very sound judgment. Often, some players may criticize some of them but stay calm under such conditions is a virtue that they must have. On an average, most umpires and referees earn between 150,000 dollars to about $600,000 depending on the type of leagues involved.

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Currently, there is a growing demand for statisticians in the sports industry. Are you wondering why statisticians are needed? It is because over the years the use of statistics in predicting and monitoring trends in past matches and using them to predict an outcome had not been employed. The same statisticians also play a vital role in the world of gambling where major companies hire them to determine possible predictions. The best prediction fixtures are achieved using their probability skills to not only fix the bets but also ascertain the risks involved. On an average, a statistician will go home with about $80,000 per year to about $200,000. The amount shows that statistics has moved from the world of money and have been embraced and rewarded in the world of sports.

Therefore, if you have a dream to work in the field of sports, there are a lot of opportunities for everyone. Almost every talent is required in maintaining sports and making it a lucrative e industry. Just like all other jobs, you need to be good at what you do, learn very fast and give your best.

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The Most Popular Careers in the Sports Industry

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