Planning a Vacation this Holiday Season? Avoid these Five Travel Mistakes

The holiday season is stressful on its own. With meal planning, present shopping, and house decorating, we’re dead in the water before we’ve started. And then come the vacations. Ugh! Vacations are supposed to be fun, but when you’re knee-deep in one hundred other tasks, it just becomes stressful to plan and pack. Now that’s counter-intuitive, isn’t it? Vacations should release your stress, not make it worse!

If you’re a victim to the holiday stress, then take it easy! These five travel tips are here to help you plan a relaxing holiday without all the last-minute hassle and trouble. They’ll even help you plan a trip that’ll end up being more fun than the one you always throw together at the last minute. So, let’s go on holiday, you deserve it!

You Buy Your Tickets WAY too Late

Planes, Trains, and Cars can be expensive! Reserving seats on or renting a vehicle right now can save you a ton of money, especially if you’re planning on going away close to a major holiday. Since everybody wants to come home (or escape) for Christmas, plane seats are in high demand, so the prices skyrocket. If you reserve them in advance, they tend to be a whole lot cheaper and if you reserve them on a Tuesday for some reason, they tend to be even cheaper than that.  Get on that right now, two to three months in advance are when those tickets are the cheapest. You’re welcome.


You Wait Until the Night Before to Pack Up

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the parents were wrapping gifts at literally the last possible minute. You’ll always be that mom or dad. Don’t kid yourself. If you’re planning a vacation though, maybe you don’t want to wait until the last hour to pack up your clothes. And the kids’ clothes. And your spouse’s clothes because bless him/her, but they can’t really do it by themselves.

Don’t do that to yourself. Start packing slowly, a week before you leave. It’ll save a lot of yelling and tears before and during your relaxing vacation.


You “Settle” on a Trip Because You Can’t Agree

You might really want to go somewhere with warm sunny beaches and exciting nightlife, but your friends might be more interested in museums and historical cities. Does that mean you guys will have to settle for one or the other? Of course not! Pick a destination that has a little something for everyone. That way, everyone will be able to have an exciting and relaxing holiday. This is especially nice for families. Generally, if the kids are happy and having fun, then so are you.

You Travel with People that Stress You Out

Your annual trip the city might be really fun until you invite along a really terrible travel friends. You know the kind: you love them, but they’re a nightmarish backseat driver, they leave the hotel room messy, and they can’t wake up on time to go sightseeing. Frustrating. Don’t go with these kinds of people. There’s absolutely no reason that you have tour. Vacations should be fun, away!

In fact, traveling solo is one of the most rewarding experiences. You get to do what you want to do when you want to do it. You also don’t have to make compromises for anyone! Now, how awesome is that?

woman winter outdoor snowboarding concept.

You Spend Too Much Money

The holidays are already incredibly expensive without adding a vacation to it. Don’t break the bank this season. To save money (and as mentioned before) you’ll want to buy tickets well ahead of time and book rooms. Don’t go ahead and settle for the first room you find. Take the time to look around for cheaper options from clean and well-taken care of hotels. It’s especially nice if you can find a room with a mini fridge.

When you finally go on vacation, give yourself a budget. It might be tempting to break the bank on food, souvenirs, or experiences, but you’ll be upset once you finally go over how much you spent for the month. You can save money by eating less expensive food and by finding more free things to do where you’re staying. If you have a mini fridge in your room, fill it up with food that you know you’ll eat. Eating food at the hotel room will be a lot cheaper than eating out. Also, depending on your destination, there are usually a lot of free activities from museum hopping to hiking!

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Planning a vacation can be incredibly stressful and it can ruin your getaway if that stress creeps into the trip itself! Avoid stress by planning earlier and planning smarter. This holiday season, rest easy knowing that you’ve planned the perfect trip with these five no-stress tricks.

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Planning a Vacation this Holiday Season? Avoid these Five Travel Mistakes

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