The New York Knicks and Their Upcoming Big Trade

New York Knicks are currently in the middle of a rebuild considering that some of its star players are fed up with the management and are looking for greener pastures elsewhere. This rebuild can lead to a fluctuation regarding performance since it is hard to get new professional players. One of the key players likely to leave Knicks is Anthony, who have scored more than 10,000 points for the team after having served five coaches over seven seasons. This 10-time N.B.A all-star is one of the league’s best offensive players is planning to move to Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Enes Kanter who is also a great player.

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At Oklahoma City thunders, Anthony will be joining forces with Russell Westbrook, one of the most valuable N.B.A player. It is rumored that the New York Knicks are looking to offload some players due to financial constraints, but the move can lead to poor team performance which is the reason most people view it as desperate.

Announcement of the Move

The record-breaking move of Anthony was announced by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, and the expected sendoff package was made available to the public by Shams Charania. This move had been anticipated throughout the offseason whereby Marc Berman of New York Post published that the star was interested in joining Houston Rockets to play alongside Chris Paul and James Harden.

However, his stance changed with time after he added Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers to his list of preferable team destinations. Despite being intrigued to play alongside Jusuf Nurkic, CJ McCollum, and Damian Lillard, Anthony was not ready to move to the Portland Trail Blazers according to Wojnarowski.

Effects of Transfer

Through this transfer, the turbulent tenure of Anthony as a Knicks player will have been brought to a close, and the club will try to move on without him. Notably, Anthony has wished to leave New York for quite some time now, and his desires will finally be met. Currently, he has a no-trade clause which he has decided to offer to several teams including Houston Rockets which is his favorite. His departure comes after a tumultuous summer for the New York Knicks which started with the sacking of Phil Jackson after a long and disastrous tenure as the team’s president.

Afterwards, Scott Perry was hired as the new general manager, and Steve Mills was appointed to replace Phil as the team’s president. However, the team has not fully adapted to these changes.

Cause of Transfer

According to official reports, both Perry and Mills are committed to ensuring that the team stays committed to a rebuilding plan which ensures that the main focus is introducing more young players and improving on the team’s defense. Although the communication was indirect. Such approach would eliminate the role of the 33 years old Anthony who is not much of a defender, and his basketball standards are rather an old school. The transfer deal of Anthony will allow the team to focus on other youthful and talented players such as Kristaps Porting, a talented 22-year old powerful forward.

Also, Kanter is a target player who is a 25-year-old Turkish midfielder who has an average of 14.3 points in 21.3 games which he played for Thunder team in the previous season. New York Knicks stands in a better position of signing Kanter since Billy Donavan had little faith in this player since his defensive tactics would not keep him in the playoff series against the Rockets in the last season.

Anthony’s Professional Career

If Anthony moves from New York Knicks to Thunders, it will be his third N.B.A team in his professional career which began in the year 2003 whereby he was selected by Denver Nuggets. By this time, he was only an 18-year freshman who had led Syracuse during N.C.A.A championships. Anthony spent 7 and a half seasons playing for the Nuggets before pushing for a trade to the Knicks in the year 2011. This was a controversial deal which was opposed by Donnie Walsh, who was the team president then.

Despite this opposition, the team’s owner James Dolan forced the deal through. The reason for Walsh’s opposition towards the deal was the fact that he had to surrender so many players to acquire and maintain Anthony in the team. As a Knicks’s player, Anthony displayed top-notch abilities and skills and was an all-star in all his six full seasons. He made 412 appearances during the regular season games making an average of 24.7 points, 3,2 assists, and seven rebounds. His shooting accuracy was 44.3 percent which on the field and 36.9 present from the 3-point range spot. During most of his tenure at the Madison square garden, he was the most popular player on the team due to his wizardly offensive skills, friendly demeanor. His popularity was also boosted by the fact that he had roots in New York since he was born in Brooklyn before relocating to Baltimore.

Critics Arguments

Most of Anthony’s critics argued that he was always focused on creating shooting positions for himself which made him look selfish. However, his skills and abilities did not amount to much success for the New York Knicks since he only led them to the playoff for three times and it is only in 2013 when the team succeeded to go past the first round. During his long professional career, Anthony suffered a knee injury in February 2015 which made him miss the rest of the season.

After a successful surgery, Anthony became slower and seemed older during the two seasons which followed. The management of Jackson also made him increasingly unhappy for every day which passed especially due to his proposal of introducing the triangle offensive style which he had used to win 11 championships as an N.B.A coach. Anthony felt that the style was outdated since the league was increasingly emphasizing on the high tempo play at the moment.

This opposition has been the main reason towards his anticipated exit from the Knicks especially after Jackson started making bitter exchanges with him via social media and in the process encouraging him to further his career elsewhere. Notably, his rift with Jackson resulted in the termination of Jackson’s career, and Anthony has felt like a defenseless survivor all along. The current team president is trying to acquire players who will fill the void that Anthony will leave since his departure is now inevitable. Such players include the 25-year-old 6-6 swingman who was originally a Knicks player before being traded off by Jackson.

Since Perry joined Knicks organization, his main focus has been to search for a team that would accommodate Anthony and makes him feel appreciated. The perfect destination is Oklahoma City which has a dynamic offense led by Westbrook and George. Transfer to Thunders will give Anthony a more realistic chance of winning his first N.B.A championship which has been his lifelong dream. However, he will have to help the team overcome the Warriors who are a big obstacle towards their winning ways.

On the other hand, Anthony leaves a long trail of brilliant and disappointing moments for the Knicks which are colored by a seemingly endless dysfunction. Despite the fact that Anthony loved playing for the New York Knicks and being part of the city’s fabric, the time has come for him to leave the team and his passionate fans. His experience in New York Knicks has been bittersweet, but it will go a long way into ensuring that he overcomes all the hurdles he faces in Oklahoma City Thunders and possibly leads the team towards winning the N.B.A championship which will be his first. Obviously, this transfer will be a big trade for the Knicks, considering the experience and popularity of Anthony.

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The New York Knicks and Their Upcoming Big Trade

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