New Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Today’s society is always hectic with everyone doing more than just a couple of jobs and doing extra other things. With all these lots of things to do, it is a problem to schedule them all so you can be as productive and still has time to rest. That being the case, you can find that a lot of people cannot let go of these new apps that make their life easier.

Mobile apps are already common technology that is designed to make your life easier by providing you with all sorts of things. From checking weather updates to locating cleaning services, there are all kinds of new mobile apps that are launched in the market every now and then. There are so many of these life-simplifying apps that it can very well change the way you live your life.

Mobile Apps


This is a simple, free app that is great for organizing and scheduling your day. With using Any.do, you can easily manage your personal to-do lists, your home tasks and your work projects. It is an all-in-one tool that allows all your tasks to be placed in one place. You can also use it for collaborating with others to become more productive and efficient in your work.


This is one of the best apps that simplify your house, particularly by allowing you to organize each aspect of your home using your phone. BrightNest is especially perfect for moms who already have a lot on their plate. Using it, you can build a schedule and reminders that allow you to get your tasks done easily and effectively. Available only on iPhone, it can generate you useful suggestions on organizing your schedule.


Do you always forget your list for grocery? Losing or forgetting the grocery lost is actually a kind of common thing for a lot of homeowners. In that case, using the AnyList app can help make your life easier using your phone. Since you always have your phone with you, this app gives you the ability to create a real efficient grocery list with you all the time. You do not have to worry about forgetting about your grocery, that unless you forget your own phone.


Coach.em by Lift is a very useful app that is perfect if you are someone who sometimes need keeping in the butt to get moving. This app can do it for you – inspiring you to do practice good work and life habits. It offers you three levels of coaching starting from self-coaching, community coaching to private coaching. The first two levels are free but the last one allows you to hire a coach for $14.99.


This is a health and fitness app that uses proven meditation techniques on training your mind so that you can lead a healthier and happier life. It is a great app you can use to that you can start or end the day with a clear head. It starts by providing you with the Take10 programme that is complete with the basics of meditation you can perform for 10 minutes in a day. If you enjoy it and wishes to continue, you can have access to original techniques for meditations.


Slack, created by Slack Technologies, Inc, is a business app designed for improving team communication. This app offers a new way for getting more of your tasks get done, reduce your emails and become more productive at work. It offers features including real-time messaging, file sharing, searching, archiving and a lot of integrations all designed to improve your team communication. Slack is proven to scientifically make your working life pleasant, easier and productive.

Smartphone App

Mobile apps are truly useful being able to help you in all the other things, small things that you usually do not have time to do. With so many things line up for you to do, it is so easy to get lost and forget what you have to do. It is easy to get over your head that you mess up simple things that you should be able to do. On that note, by using these new apps for your smartphone, your life can become a lot easier and the things you need to do lined up for improved productivity and efficiency in your life and work.

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New Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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