Meditation and Visualization in Sports: Does it Really Work?

There are plenty of folks who would see this title and immediately zone out. We hope you’re not one of them because this is not bunk! Keep reading to learn more about how to imagine it and make it possible! Even if you don’t believe the psychology behind this theory, isn’t it worth a short read to improve your performance?


Visualization Tips

Like with your chosen sport, the more you practice, the better you get, and the same is true with visualizing.

  • Practice consistently! We suggest 10 minutes per day, every day. It is also helpful if you practice at about the same time each day. First thing each morning is the best time because your mind is still a bit sleepy and that makes visualization easier.
  • It’s also important to stay positive. You may feel discouraged if you aren’t able to conjure up images as you would like, but stick with it, and you can expect daily improvement.
  • Visualize your goal, whether it’s finishing the race first, making a touchdown, scoring the winning run or scoring the tying goal, see that action in your mind’s eye each day to make it happen. Fight those negative thoughts of the ball going astray! Only see the right path, and by doing so, you are programming your subconscious mind to meet your goal.


  • How you get your mind to the level that you are clearly seeing yourself meeting your goal can vary a bit from person to person. For the most part, close your eyes and relax. Focus on your breathing until you feel the tension leaving your body. Once you feel fully relaxed, picture yourself at the sporting event, see the sights, hear the sounds and smell your surroundings, engage all your senses. You likely see yourself in one of two ways; either as you are watching yourself on television, or as you are looking through your own eyes and seeing yourself at the event. Either one is great; it just depends on what methodology works best for you personally. And if you can look at both perspectives, you are exactly where you want to be for perfected visualization. You want to see yourself performing in top form at whatever sport you’re playing. See your body forming the perfect shape for a dive, or lay-up, or vault and make it happen. You can also envision a less than ideal event, see it in your mind and observe where you made mistakes and then see the same game correctly via visualization.
  • Visualization is more than just seeing yourself performing well under the best possible conditions, it is also about getting yourself psyched up for the event. Try viewing the competition in both color and black and white and alternate between them if you like. If you see yourself in color, try to make the colors more vibrant.
  • Another methodology to add to your tool bag is like adding a tuner to your visualization. Once you see the desired picture, turn up the intensity level to your emotions, so you feel more tied to this positive image of yourself. The higher you turn the knob, the more intense your feelings become to seeing yourself as a winner at your sport.

Now you have all the essential techniques needed to begin practicing visualization. It’s going to take some practice, so don’t let yourself become discouraged. Over time, your level of control over your visions is going to increase, and your mind develops less of a tendency to wander. In a nutshell:

  • Relax your body
  • Relax your mind
  • See yourself at your best performance level
  • Turn up the volume
  • Take your new-found success to your game and knock their socks off!

Tell us what you do to relax and get into a meditative frame of mind. What tricks do you use? How has visualization improved your performance? Please share your experiences with us!

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Meditation and Visualization in Sports: Does it Really Work?

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