LeBron James Promoting Social Issues With Message on Sneakers

When the Cleveland Cavaliers last played in Washington prior to Sunday’s game at Capital One Arena, superstar forward LeBron James left a big impression with his 57 points against the city’s Washington Wizards.

lebronIn his most recent visit Sunday, James left another impression when stepping onto the court. The Cavaliers veteran forward wore one black and one white sneaker, with each featuring “EQUALITY” in gold stitching across the back of the sneaker, an apparent message for racial harmony.

His sneakers were not hard to see. He and his Cavaliers teammates were wearing white uniforms and that contrasted easily with the navy blue of the Washington Wizards uniforms.

James said following the Cavaliers win of 106-99, that everyone knows where we are and knows who is in charge. He added that we as Americans, regardless of skin color, race or anything else, must understand that having equal rights and the ability to stand and speak out for something to keep the conversation open is important.

Equality is about the understanding of the rights we all have, and understanding what each one of us stands for.

James said a representative from Nike hand-delivered his shoes to the locker room of the Cavs prior to the game and he agreed to the concept.

James Supports Social Issues

James on opening night against Boston wore a pair of all black sneakers of the same design. That was in response to the NFL players getting backlash from the President for peaceful protests during the playing of the national anthem. James at that time said he wanted the conversation to continue so he wore the sneakers to do his part.

Sunday was the third time of three trips Cleveland will play this season in the nation’s capital. They could return for the postseason, but that is an unknown at this point.

After making just 4 of his 12 shots from the field in the first half, James changed his sneakers at halftime. He said he was very superstitious and since he did not play well during the first half he took the new sneakers off. However, following the game he said he did not play well during the second half either.

Nevertheless, James registered another triple-double, his third straight and the first time he has accomplished that since March of 2009.

He described his playing performance as bad with six turnovers. He even said he was lazy at times with the ball, but teammates were able to bail him out.

James at the Top of His Game

Over his last 13 games James has averaged a triple double, scoring 26.8 points, grabbing 10.2 rebounds and handing out 10.7 assists per game. Over that run, the Cavaliers are 12-1.

This current span of averaging a triple double over 13 games is the longest such run of his NBA career. Prior to this season, his longest span of averaging a triple double was six games in February of 2008. In June of last year James became the first NBA player in league history to average a triple double throughout the seven games of an NBA Finals.

On Sunday, James dished out 15 assists continuing his streak of 10 assists or more the past five games, which is the longest streak of its kind for this career.

cleveland-cavaliersHe described it simply by saying he is in a groove now and believes he will be in it for a


What are your thoughts? Should LeBron use his sneakers for social issue awareness?

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LeBron James Promoting Social Issues With Message on Sneakers

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