Injuries and Inquiries in the NFL

It’s near impossible to look at sports news today without seeing Colin Kaepernick’s face. Colin is being held responsible by most NFL fans for starting this messy business of standing or kneeling for our national anthem. Now his attorney is posting tweets in response to President Trump’s comments and using quotes from former President Kennedy to make his points.

nflLove ‘em or hate ‘em, the league and team owners have taken the stand that players have the right to protest peacefully during our national anthem. Based on what we’re hearing, the issue is not impacting the way rabid fans watch and attend the games.

That isn’t the only controversial football topic either.

  • Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game on again, off again suspension that has been off and on since before pre-season is still haunting the team and hanging over the league.
  • There’s the surprising trade of Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals. By the way, his bird debut was incredible.
  • During Thursday night’s Raiders/Chiefs game, we had Marshawn Lynch dashing on the field to be part of a little rumble and then getting too aggressive with the refs. He got the boot from the game for poor sportsmanship. Many say his heart was in the right place (the Chiefs defense had gotten too cozy with Derek Carr), by defending his quarterback. Whether it was or wasn’t, the Raiders didn’t need to lose his talent for the evening. Fortunately (depending on your perspective), the Raiders pulled off a wild and crazy last-minute win in the final seconds. And the NFL is still reviewing the hit today.
  • And we have “wacky flacky,” Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens who has been struggling on offense this season being proudly defended by both owner Steve Bisciotti and head coach John Harbaugh.


  • Aaron Rodgers broken collarbone and a possible loss of the entire season had the team buzzing about taking on Kaepernick; however, that didn’t happen. Both second string quarterback, Hundley and Mike McCarthy are under some pressure. Aaron had surgery on Thursday the 19th, and now he starts the dreary rehabilitation process. Viking, Anthony Barr says he didn’t intend to cause injury, and the hit didn’t look overly vicious. Sometimes, stuff happens.
  • We also have Odell “energizer bunny” Beckham, Jr. beginning his rehab process as well. Friends report that it’s been tough to see the star wide receiver off his feet and out for the season. We’ll miss you this year Odell!

What’s going on with your favorite team this season? Tell us what you’re thinking about the NFL these days in the comments section below. And hey, what do you think about Romo as an announcer?


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Injuries and Inquiries in the NFL

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