Infinitely Debated Sports Topics

It’s Monday morning, and we’re all getting our morning coffee at the office and catching up on the weekend’s sporting events, bad calls, stupid refs, blind umps, passive players, aggressive coaches and “did you see that incredible catch?” Inevitably, one of life’s age-old questions pop into someone’s brain, and we guess it may be one of the following lively debated sports issues.



Scouting must be a tough job. Racing all over the country, check out the next, best player of “X.” And then, they just turn out to be losers in professional leagues; however, they excelled in their college days.  Can you say, JaMarcus Russell Darko Milicic, Ryan Leaf, or Michael Olowokandi? Of course, you can’t, you probably never heard of them! And then there’s poor DeShaun Jackson with a stellar college career, a highly promising pro career and in his first season, he’s out with a torn ACL. This kid led Clemson to a National Championship in 2015 and 2016, and got the win in 2016. Rehab it likely going to suck for this talented kid. We’re pulling for you DeShaun and so is everyone in Houston!

Who is the better quarterback, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Brady holds more rings, but Peyton has better stats and more individual awards. Discuss.


Remember the 1985 NBA draft, Patrick Ewing, and the Knicks? How about 2003, LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers? And this year, didn’t Anthony Davis fly into New Orleans amid whispers from the crowds? Is the NBA draft a hoax? Go!

Was Phil Jackson the greatest basketball coach ever or did he just get lucky with all the top talent on his team? Who knows? You must admit that having Rodman, Michael Jordan, Pippen, Kobe and Shaq was an incredible stroke of luck. And speaking of Michael, was he the best player ever? What about the old guys like Magic, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and Larry Bird?

Maverick owner, Mark Cuban says he would consider drafting a woman, thanks, Mark! Could a woman compete, and be successful in a historically male-dominated sport?

Do you think the current Heat team could beat the 1998 Bulls? Of course, we’ll never know, but it’s kinda’ cool coffee time conversation.


Who gets the most benefits from MLB’s designated hitter (DH)? Offensively, a three-run homer feels great, but, if we dump the DH, can baseball become more of an art, and can we get back to the basics?

What about baseball, steroids and the Hall of Fame? Mark McGwire? Barry Bonds?

What about poor ole’ Pete Rose and his betting issues that got him the boot? Cooperstown grows further, and further away every year. He was MLB’s hits leader, c’mon man!

Who would be your top picks for starting pitchers in Game Seven of the World Series?


Let’s Get a Beer

These questions are going to go on and on! Let’s hit the local watering hole to discuss these further, please!

  • Wayne Gretzky set unbreakable records, no question and he earned his nickname of “The Great One.” Think we should pause to acknowledge Gordie Howe for his contributions to the game? For you younger folks, Gordie is second behind Wayne for most goals scored. He just died last year at the age of eighty-eight.  He played in the NHL from 1946 to 1980 and made the All-Star team 23 times of his 26-season career.
  • Do you think soccer can ever adopt the instant replay? They at least approved trials in 2016.
  • Both men and women are talking about which professional athlete has the hottest WAG. What do you think? There are a lot of trophies out there on both sides of the fence! Tell us who is at the top of your list?
  • College athletes are responsible for bringing in a ton of money, not just at events; also through sponsorships and merchandise sales. Should they be paid for their efforts?
  • Can Tiger ever fully recover from his dance with sex scandals? Can he ever win another major now?
  • Who gets your vote for the best current coach?
    • Mike Krzyzewski
    • Bill Belichick
    • Gregg Popovich
    • Mike McCarthy
    • Sir Alex Ferguson
    • Erik Spoelstra
  • The United States hosted the World Cup in 1994; however, the men’s soccer team has never won the cup. Think we ever can?
  • How should we design a questionnaire regarding which college has the best sports program?
    • Number of national titles
    • Highest number of all-time wins
    • The number of players who are drafted professionally
    • Or is it just Alabama?
  • Is the money we pay our professional athletes obscene and unjustified?
  • What is the best method to determine the NCAA’s National Champion?
  • Who is the best sports team ever? The:
    • 1996 Chicago Bulls
    • Celtics, who won 11 NBA titles in 13 years
    • Steelers with four Super Bowls in six seasons
    • 1961 New York Yankees
    • 1972 Miami Dolphins
    • 1985 Chicago Bears
    • 1983 Edmonton Oilers
    • 1962 Green Bay Packers
    • 2003 New England Patriots
    • 1989 San Francisco 49er’s
    • 1984 Detroit Tigers
    • 1975 Cincinnati Reds

And here comes the big question, who is going to be the next, great sports icon? Tell us your vote below, please! This list of questions should keep tongues wagging for months!

What Do You Think?

Infinitely Debated Sports Topics

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