The Hidden Secrets of Charles Manson

The name Charles Manson spurs a terrifying response in most people. Even almost 50 years after the Manson cult was shaken up, people still lock their doors and hold their loved ones a little tighter when they think back on what he did.

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Charles Manson was a mass murderer who led a devoted cult of people. They lived isolated on a ranch of their own making, and in the still of the night, they would murder people on their personal hit list. These murders included high-powered executives and darling actors. The Manson cult’s crimes would shock a nation time and time again. Most people know whom the Manson cult followers murdered, but there are a lot of facts that people forget about the one and only Charles Manson. He was clearly deranged in his mind, and people today are still curious about one of the craziest serial killers of the past century.

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The Hidden Secrets of Charles Manson

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