Healthy Ways to Stay Fit at a Desk Job

It’s not always easy to focus on your health when your work is sedentary, but if your goal is to stay fit, then there are ways to achieve this without sacrificing work ethic. I’m not talking about those stupid work exercise trends that make you look ridiculous in front of your coworkers, either. I’m talking about easy ways to stay fit while sitting at your desk.

Sometimes we’re tempted to eat garage food for lunch or completely succumb to a sedentary lifestyle. Just because your day-to-day you work involves you being seated at a computer or reception desk doesn’t mean that your entire life has to be a sedentary one. Here are a few ways to stay fit while keeping your work performance up.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is just plain good for you. It hydrates us and cleanses our systems. We need water to keep or minds and bodies active and energized. Drinking water also makes you less hungry so while you’re sitting at work, gulp down as much as you can. It’ll make you feel great and chances are, we bet you’re not getting enough already.

Glass of water in office

Eat Better Foods

If you want to stay fit, you have to do more than just exercise. You have to make good food choices, too. Instead of bringing in a carb-filled peanut butter and jelly sandwich, opt for a salad or some fresh fruit. If you and your coworkers head out for your lunch break, try getting something lighter to eat instead of a hamburger and fries. No matter how delicious it looks, never spring for the sweets that everyone sets out on the back table. In moderation, they can be okay, but sweets are a diet killer and before you know it, one tiny sliver becomes one massive piece. It can be difficult not to be tempted, but if you focus on your end goal, you can achieve anything.

Stretch During Your Breaks

Stretching is good for us. It keeps our bodies loose and healthy. Nobody likes to have a seized up back or neck, so get up every hour or so and stretch a little. Take a walk, work those kinks out of your back, and if possible, do a couple actual stretches. Your body will thank you and you’ll feel less tired and destroyed when the end of your shift rolls around.

Handsome young businessman sitting at the table and stretching

Workout after Work

It’s important to be active at least once a day. If running isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of ways to get in exercise. Yoga is an easy beginner’s way to exercise. You can find free classes online and follow the lessons right in your own home. Yoga will help you unwind and destress after a long day. You can also go walking or bicycling to get some exercise in. It’s important to get out there and be active in order to stay fit. Your body can’t live a completely sedentary life.

Get Some New Gear

I always hear people complain that their necks and backs hurt after working, which is understandable, right? Actually, these things are easily solvable. Desk chairs are not all created equally. Some are made with horrible back support. Talk to your boss and see what you can do about ordering you and your coworkers new chairs. You should also consider getting a rig to adjust your monitor. By craning your neck down to see what is on the screen, you’ll definitely hurt it and that’s no good. You’ll want to stretch your neck every once in a while, and watch how your neck and back are being supported.

Working place in office

Sometimes working a sedentary job and staying fit can seem like two very opposite goals. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to be the strongest or the skinniest, though. It just means that you have to make good choices and take care of yourself.

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Healthy Ways to Stay Fit at a Desk Job

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