Funny Childhood Photos Then and Now


Most of us can remember some of our family portraits that are displayed in photo albums. We like to laugh and remember some of the long-forgotten memories. There is something about family photoshoots that on one hand brings the whole family together as they try to get the best results, think of it as like a group effort to look as least embarrassing as possible. On the other hand,  these photo sessions may be a great source for confrontations, especially when kids are involved. The pictures you are about to see are just that. They are simple hilarious and are going to make your day!

These families have taken memory making a step further. Not only do they appreciate their family photos from decades ago, but they decided to recreate the same shot now that they are older. These before and after funny childhood photos are taken from some of the best family albums out there! The results are hilarious! Prepare yourself for some sidesplitting fun you won’t want to end! Do you see yourself and your siblings in any of these hysterical photos?

Taken a Few Months Apart

A lot of time has certainly passed between these two pictures! In fact, 482 months have come and gone. This man’s outward appearance has obviously changed. He’s now a grown man. Well, at least on the outside!

Funny Childhood Photos 1

His beard and mustache reveal he has successfully made it out of childhood and is now living the live of a 40-year old man. On the inside, however, he still hasn’t lost his childlike mentality. He can still perfect that baby smirk and squint. It even looks like his hairline is going back to how it was when he was first born! It’s good to see a man who hasn’t lost his sense of humor. He must be funny at all the parties!

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Funny Childhood Photos Then and Now

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