Everything You Never Knew About The Mary Tyler Moore Show

A single 30-something single woman making bounds in the workplace may seem like the common theme of every TV show made today. However, for those who watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show, this concept was groundbreaking. When the show aired in 1970, single women in the workplace were not a common theme. Mary Richards, played by Mary Tyler Moore, was a woman ahead of her time, and in a world that wasn’t keen on feminism, this show broke through the male-dominated TV industry.

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Younger fans of The Mary Tyler Moore Show may laugh at the outdated situations presented, but the show aired for seven years due to its lovable characters and rising popularity. Even if you consider yourself a know-it-all on all things Mary Tyler Moore, there are many little-known facts about this TV show that makes you want to start from season one all over again.

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Everything You Never Knew About The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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