Earl Thomas Urged Cowboys to Come Get Him

Following the Seattle and Dallas game on Sunday and odd exchange between Seattle free agent Earl Thomas Dallas head coach Jason Garrett took place when Thomas approached Garrett and asked the Cowboys coach if Dallas would acquire him if he became available.

seattleThe comment by Thomas to Garrett followed the Seahawks 21-12 win at Dallas that kept Seattle hopes alive for the playoffs. Cameras showed the Seattle safety running to Garrett and telling the Dallas coach to come get him if the team gets the chance.

Later in the locker room, Thomas confirmed he said that to Garrett but then clarified that he did not mean necessarily at any time soon. The Seattle safety was raised in Orange, Texas and has often talked previously about what it means to play against a team he cheered for while growing up.

Thomas said he was headed to the locker rooms to speak to Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant and saw Garrett. He added that he has always been a Dallas fan when he told Garrett to come and get him he did not literally mean now as he is still in his prime and wants to remain in Seattle but when the team was ready to release him then he wanted Dallas to pick him up.

Thomas told reporters that Garrett did not say much to him in response. The Seattle safety wanted to speak to Bryant, who is a close friend, just to tell him he had played well.

Thomas has played his entire NFL career in Seattle, who drafted him in 2010 in the first round. Following the Seattle win in Super Bowl XLVIII, Thomas signed an extension for four years and $40 million with the Seahawks.

The extension made him at the time the highest paid NFL safety and it runs through the end of the 2018 season.

When asked whether he has received any indication Seattle might not want to re-sign him, Thomas said, while laughing that he did not know, but if they didn’t then could the Cowboys come after him.

Thomas Wants to Remain in Seattle

Thomas added that he is happy at Seattle, adding that he loved it there, as this is the place where he started and built his resume. He said he has Richard Sherman and Kim Chancellor and does not want to leave them or the team.

The Seattle free safety was named recently to the Pro Bowl for this sixth time and during his career has been picked first-team All-Pro on three occasions.

Seattle likes to wait until players are entering their final year of a contract before giving them extensions. However, last season they made an exception with Michael Bennett their talented defensive end.

Thomas has not said if the Seahawks have or have not approached him regarding a contract extension, but the comments he made have implied strongly they have not.

When asked by a reporter if he wished Seattle would start talking about a new contract, Thomas replied that yes he would and it would make for a great present for Christmas.

However, he is not sure if that is going to happen or not. He says all he can do is keep playing and hope that the team sees the value he has.

Thomas Fourth Highest Paid Free Safety

At this point, Thomas is the fourth highest paid player at free safety in the NFL as far as annual average salaries are concerned. It has been reported that Thomas plans to look for a raise in pay to pass the $13 million average salary that Eric Berry is now being paid by the Kansas City Chiefs, which is the top pay for all NFL free safeties.

When asked if he senses Seattle might be eager to move forward without him because they have not yet made an approach about another extension, Thomas was vague with his answer.

He said he did not want to get into that right now but the NFL is a business and there are always great young players on the roster or being drafted and one never knows.

earl-thomasSeattle is currently 9-6 on the season with one week remaining. The Seahawks are in second place in the NFC West and have no chance of catching the first place Los Angeles Rams. However, Seattle stands at No. 7 in the NFC and could still reach the postseason if they win their final game this Sunday and the Atlanta Falcons lose their final game.

What do you think is Earl Thomas interested in playing for Dallas? Does he think the Seahawks might not give him the pay he wants?

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Earl Thomas Urged Cowboys to Come Get Him

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