Bienvenido a Miami: Beckham Builds New MLS Team in Miami

If you’re heading down to Miami Beach this summer to catch a tan, the rays, and the ladies, don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of a very un-latino-like man grabbing your attention instead of that Miami Vice drink the waiter from your resort just slipped you. David Beckham has that effect.


This Brit soccer superstar is using a clause in his original contract with the L.A. Galaxy, where he can use 25 million dollars to create a new MLS team in order to expand the L.A. Galaxy’s franchise. Of course, upon having the option to choose anywhere in the U.S. to set it up, why not pick out the beautiful beaches of Miami? Hardly a place to retire, but instead live it up at one of the party capitols of Florida, Beckham can definitely appreciate the change of scenery from dreary England to the sunshine state.

This new MLS franchise plans to join the league in the near future, after Beckham and his boys, Simon Fuller, Marcelo Claure, Tim Leiweke, and Todd Boehly, set the details, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, to begin his new venture as manager and owner of a brand-new project. This move has been in motion since 2014, so the last few factors make this high piece of news on the brink of launching by the end of the summer.

As of right now, the last few pending negotiations are related to finances to back up a newly built stadium and finding a location for the said stadium. This movement is one of four teams looking to enter the league by 2020, bringing the total number of teams to 24. Two other teams have already been on the move as well to be ready this year, based in Los Angeles, Minnesota, and Atlanta.

Even though the name of the team is not yet decided upon, circulation of the names “Miami Current” and “Miami Vice” has been around and used for pitching presentations to investors and officials.

History of Miami in the MLS

The Miami Fusion, founded in 1998, lasted for four seasons. They were the original league’s first team to have a stadium solely devoted to soccer. Even though they went through ups and downs, ultimately with the league’s cutbacks in 2000, the MLS decided to trim the league down from 12 teams to just ten. The two teams that got the cut, despite their success, were the two from Florida, the Tampa Bay Mutiny and the Miami Fusion.

Beckham is trying to bring back some soccer pride to former MLS fans in Florida and give them something to talk about. He recently met with MLS owners to give a plan for his expansion, after three years of planning and finding a site for the stadium.

The launch is planned to be set later this month, with hopes to be a competitive and global brand. The league is hoping that behind David Beckham, it can grow in popularity and most importantly, revenue. They base their hopes of the assumption that the league, especially with its new addition, is focused, with good brands and good teams. Another important factor in the system is that they are very family oriented and embedded within the community.


Those who back the decision are saying that they hope that not only can this move boost ticket sales in the process and since the idea is originating from Beckham, but also hopes that it inspires those locally to take on a team to cheer for. Between the FIFA video game to the Premier League, popularity in soccer has reached U.S. grounds, but this opening of the team might not only give the community and young players a team to cheer for, but also a recognizable icon to tune into.

A big factor leading up to the success in these new MLS teams is not just in the roster, staff, salaries, and stadium, but also how the entire franchise fits into the community surrounding it. We hope, without a doubt, that Miami is ready for this new addition.

Please feel free to comment below on your expectations and thoughts of this new move by Beckham.

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Bienvenido a Miami: Beckham Builds New MLS Team in Miami

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