Arrested, Stuck, and Then Freed from China: B-ball Players and Stolen Sunglasses

Steve Alford, the UCLA Basketball Coach, speaks about coming to a resolution with the administration regarding the punishment of the three freshmen on his team who were admitted themselves guilty of shoplifting in China.


The three freshmen, LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill have been serving their suspension for an indefinite amount of time because the consequential action is still being decided upon.

Since coming back from China, the students have been focusing on getting caught up in their schoolwork. However, the collegiate athletes have been banned from practice. They still can use the workout and training facilities, but the main focus has been on staying in class.

The three freshmen had been arrested when the UCLA team was in Hangzhou before their opener located in Shanghai. They had been accused of shoplifting sunglasses from Louis Vuitton and were threatened with the possibility that they were going to be stuck in China for months during the legal process in their case.

However, they were released on bail. Fortunate for them, however, because if they were to be convicted, they would be faced with from three to ten years in prison.

The school representatives weren’t shy to talk about how the actions of these three students bring disappointment and shame to the institution, as well as detracts from the positive reputation of the educational, athletic, and cultural experience that the school and the trip they took to China has to offer.

The three students are dealing with a violation of the university’s Student Conduct Code on the section on theft. Even though their punishment involves an indefinite suspension, they are fortunate that legally, they hadn’t been charged with worse.

Intervention from the President

At the press conference, after the players had returned thanks to the intercession of President Trump with China’s President Xi Jinping, expressed their apologies.

During the public apology, they admitted stealing from those stores — all three of them, which is two more than the one that was originally claimed.

President Trump later tweeted that if not for him, the basketball players were heading for a decade in jail. The President’s Chief of Staff also reiterated the possible punishment, saying that young Americans don’t realize the consequences of their actions in other countries can be completely different than in the U.S.

Please comment below on your opinion of the proper consequence for these men or your take on the story.

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Arrested, Stuck, and Then Freed from China: B-ball Players and Stolen Sunglasses

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