Apps to Help Find Reliable Childcare

There are a number of apps and websites online that offer solutions to your childcare needs. But, how can you be sure that these child care services are entirely reliable? With so many them, what can help you sort out and find out which among them can help you in your summertime crisis?

During summertime, your children get some freedom while you get extra scheduling to squeeze in your home and work duties. Fortunately, you can make use of varying apps available that offers to assist in clearing up your summertime childcare crisis.

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Here are some of these childcare apps:

Sitting Round

Not all people can afford babysitting as it is somewhat expensive. For someone who is struggling with making ends meet by working 12 hours a day, it is already a luxury for you to hire a babysitter. In that case, you may be interested in using Sitting Around, a website app that allows you to be connected with babysitting coops in the local area. This way, you and other parents can simply trade sitting hours – you can be sure your baby is taken care of and you can save money as well.


Zum is one of the most popular apps for finding reliable childcare services. Using it helps you in finding babysitting as well as rides for your children. If your children want to be part of summer camp activities this summer, you can find that Zum is an ideal tool for use in getting a ride to and fro. There is, however, a limitation to using this app since only parents in the San Francisco Bay Area can use it. Of course, all the drivers for the children rode passed background checks and experienced in childcare.


The Handy is an app designed to connect its users to professionals in child care and other tasks within the local area. It is listed as one of the useful apps that can help you in finding reliable childcare help but also in getting you other kinds of help including cleaning of your home and interior decoration. There is no monthly fee to using Handy but it is noted that some users have complaints on missed appointments, etc.


Urbansitter is a useful app that allows its users easily to search the area for the most reliable babysitters. To make sure that it is the best, it gives you recommendations given by your neighbours who have tried the service provided by these sitters. Some of the advantages of Urbansitter are the response takes only 15 minutes, is free and offers you a range of cost-effective babysitters.


The Sittercity is a website app that matches parents to care providers that likely suit them. Sittercity has been around since 2001 so they have proven results compared to others. Additionally, this makes them the only possible app you can use if you are outside the metropolitan area. What it does is show you a review of the sitter and some background checks if you request for it. This way, you can judge yourself if the sitter is truly reliable or not.


Another one of those matchmaking site applications for childcare providers and parents is the Care.com. Right now, the Care.com site also features a mobile app that allows you to easily search for profiles of babysitters. Another feature of the app is that you can use it to quickly and easily send message to possible babysitters. It also offers references and background checks for safety, albeit for the additional fee.


The eNannySource is yet a web-based application you can use to be connected with qualified babysitters. Some of the notable features of eNannySource are the background checks as well as quick messaging. With this, you can have initial information about your prospect nanny and then easily send a message to her. Additionally, you can get more comprehensive background check if you want for a fee using eNannySource.

Childcare Apps

Some of those mentioned above are not exactly apps but web-based applications but they all serve as a great tool for locating reliable childcare service. Using them, you can get inside a community of childcare professionals and easily get the help you need. No matter how messy your schedule for work and home during the summer, rest assured your children are cared for.

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Apps to Help Find Reliable Childcare

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