7 Plants You Can Grow at Home

With locally grown plants, these ensure that growers know where their foods come from. For a homeowner like you, there is no need to be a farmer in order that you reap off all the benefits of plants grown at home.

Home Plants

As long as you have a sunny window and an extra time, you are more than capable of growing plants at home. Read on our seven plants you can grow at home that are proven healthy to cultivate indoor.


Avocados are simply packed with all essential fats and nutrients such as carotenoids, vitamins B6 and E. These have also been naturally linked to reduced cases of heart disease, eye degeneration, and cancer. It is not a wonder that fruits like avocados are all of those favorite super foods.

When you want to grow avocados at home, it is necessary to buy a dwarf avocado plant that is a variety that yields even bigger fruit. You may first put up some sand underneath the well-draining and large pot before planting the tree.

And then, water it regularly and ensure the soil will not be wet. Avocado shoots should also be pruned regularly. Better yet, place them exactly in a specific area with high ceilings. Remember that dwarf trees can grow as high as ten feet.

When you have also noticed that the skin of the fruit has turned slightly yellow, it is now the right time for harvesting. Ripe avocados may still hang right on the tree for several weeks. But more than that, they will start losing their texture and flavor.


Carrots are completely filled with lots of minerals and vitamins. These also boast of other nutrients like folate, niacin, thiamin, potassium, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and K. Another interesting thing about carrots is that they help promote good eye health.

Just buy a pot and carrot seeds with some drainage holes underneath. Fill the pot with a humus-enriched mixture. Water the mixture and the soil. And then, plant the seeds. And, the seeds should be planted 1-inch away from each other in their rows. Press the seeds directly on it and then, cover it with another deposit of soil.

The plant should receive some light and the soil should be kept moist and not soaked. By soaking a peat moss in water, it will help further in preserving its moisture. Expect that in just about 2 weeks; the seeds will now germinate.

Vegetable Plant

Garlic Greens

Garlic greens are included on those plants you can grow at home. These have been known to alleviate the conditions related to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer and heart disease. When growing these garlic greens, purchasing garlic bulbs is as well essential and never be afraid in buying shattered bulbs.

Also, choose a 4-ich pot along its drainage holes underneath. Fill the container with soil and split the bulbs into cloves. If you want, you can plant twelve cloves that are near with each other. Water it well and then place the pot in a bright spot. Water it regularly and ensure to keep the soil moist as possible.


Lemons are impressively packed with antioxidants. These can also help reduce inflammation, decrease risks related to heart disease.

If you really are interested in lemons, you need to first buy a 2-to-3-year-old dwarf tree and choose a ceramic, plastic and clay pot. The pot should slightly be bigger as compared to the root ball of the tree. It should also have its holes underneath and should also contain stones that allow the air to flow freely.

But, you need to make use of soil that is formulated for lemons or citrus trees. It should also be placed in a specific area that receives eight to twelve hours of heat exposure. And, ideally, it is suggested to expose it to fifty-five and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

You should water it regularly and should not leave it over-saturated. Remember as well that citrus trees approve of moist air. Thus, spray their leaves with a bottle that helps keep them perky.

Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin oranges are proven to be healthy and are considered as an essential source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and fiber. When you want to grow them at home, you have to first buy dwarf trees to be able to grow fruits successfully. There must be spacious pots with some drainage underneath. They should also be exposed to a sunny and bright location and the soil should be left dried out between watering.

Take note that mandarin trees should be six-feet tall including the root system. As the roots begin to grow back again, it is ideally suggested to re-pot them in a pot that is two-inch larger in width.


Mushrooms are not only known to be flavorful but these are an essential source of vitamin C and fiber. They also naturally contain cancer-fighting elements and antioxidants that can help boost the health condition of your family.

If you will grow them indoors, it is first essential to buy a kit and grow them in a particularly designed laundry basket. You may also try to follow a labor-intensive alternative and follow some instructions.

Salad Greens

Salad greens are a healthy option just like the micro greens.  These are completely filled with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. And, green vegetables also simply best contain iron and folate that make them more desirable and more nutritious to eat.

In growing these plants, buying starter seeds or plants from a locally-based nursery is essential. You may as well choose to buy seeds online. And, choose a specific planter box with its drainage holes underneath. Fill the box with soil in it. Make use of the finger in poking holes into it. And then, the holes should be four-inch apart.

For seeds, sprinkle only a small number of them. When you make use of the starts, you need to massage the roots before placing them in a hole. And, add up some soil around them. When you will also make use of seeds, sprinkle a few of them into every hole. And then, pat the soil back above the hole to cover them up.

Water it and as soon as you notice that the plants begin to appear, get all of the healthiest and largest shoots. Water it regularly and ensure that it is moist.

Green Plants

Choose from any of these 7 plants you can grow at home and follow the suggested tips above! Enjoy planting them all toward a healthy journey!

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7 Plants You Can Grow at Home

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