10 Tips for Cleaning Your Home

When it comes to cleaning the home, many people can become frustrated and overwhelmed with just the thought of it. This usually causes them to dread the task and to put it off longer, making the job even harder than it was to start with. House cleaning is a task often dreaded by most homeowners since it is a tough ordeal to perform general cleaning especially because it takes almost the whole day to have everything polished, cleaned and organized.

Cleaning House

People have busy lives and they procrastinate until that little bit of clutter gets bigger and bigger before you know it it’s an all-day affair. Here, you will know and learn the 10 tips for cleaning your home. Check these out:

  1. One simple habit you can practice every day is to clean as you go. Don’t wait for clutter to accumulate. Every time you see a thing misplaced, bring it back to its proper place. For example, if you are about to go to the den, and you see some newspaper cluttered on the dining table, then take a few seconds of your time to compile them together and arrange them in their proper place in the den. In addition to this, dirty dishes and dirty laundry are the two biggest things in the home that can cause everything to look messy. The whole house seems a state when the laundry and dishes get piled up. In the kitchen, you need to make sure that all dishes are washed up immediately after meals. Leaving them only makes the job seem worse.
  2. House cleaning is just like a business. You need to delegate the work. Get each family member to pick up items that belong to their department. With the help of everyone in the family, you can accomplish even the most complex tasks. With those items in their room, ask each of them to arrange their own stuff. This is especially applicable to belongings that tend to get cluttered in common areas of your home. Assigning each family member a cleaning task is also a good idea since this makes them more conscious and responsible for their actions.
  3. While cooking meals, wash up the dishes you use as you go. Always empty the dishwasher as soon as it is finished a cycle so it will be ready for the next load. If you have to empty it and then reload, you will dread it every time. The more people who live in the house, the more washing there will be. Staying on top of dirty clothes is one way to keep them down the cluttered and disheveled mess that makes you frustrated. One tip is to place a laundry hamper in each bedroom of the home. You choose a day and then visit each of the hampers and take them to wash.Cleaning Your Home
  4. You can slash a good fraction of your house cleaning time by getting every tool ready. For instance, if you are about to clean the bathroom, make sure first that you get all the cleaning solutions, mops and brushes ready in the bathroom before starting. A rule of thumb in house cleaning is starting your work from the top and working your way down. It simply means that you need to dust first your shelves before vacuuming your furniture and carpet. Always make sure to turn off the electric fan when dusting your furniture or sweeping the floor to avoid dust mites from flying around the room.
  5. Another good idea is to choose a day of the week to do all the harder chores. These chores include the scrubbing and disinfecting of the toilets, cleaning the kitchen walls, scrubbing the floors and most importantly emptying out the refrigerator of the week’s scraps.
  6. When cooking in the kitchen, use the in between preparation time to wash dishes, load or unload dishwasher, clean out the fridge and many more. It will mean less of a cleanup when mealtime is done with.
  7. Consistent spot clean ups may seem a lot of effort, but they actually help a lot to keep down the mess. Wash the shower walls while you are still in the shower. Rinse the bathroom faucet and sink with disinfectant wipes after. Keep an eye on the toilet and use those wipes on obvious signs of uncleanliness. These are just simple and quick things the whole family can do to help in keeping the house germ free and clean.
  8. Become more efficient with your chores. If you have less than half a load of laundry, do it another time when you can justify the effort versus doing it all twice. Simplify the actions that you do when maintaining your home so that you won’t be wasting your energy and time. Try to do a little bit each day as opposed to waiting until it’s a larger project. This means that you won’t have to have much dedicated cleaning time at all. Home cleaning can take up quite a bit of time. Learn some things that you can do that will help you get your home cleaned up much more quickly.
  9. Taking steps daily to maintain clutter sounds a little excessive. But this step can be as simple as putting away styling products, curling irons and brushes when you are done with them. Put away and fold your clean laundry instead of letting it sit on the couch or a bed in a spare room. Put your dirty laundry in the hamper and not on the bedroom or bathroom floors. This is all clutter and putting it away can give a quick sense of accomplishment. You will notice that the key is to put things away now, so it doesn’t have to be done later. Not having to pre-clean can cut down on the actual time it takes to clean a bathroom or any room.Housekeeping
  10. Another helpful suggestion is to make a schedule for your chores. There is no need for you to spend a whole day doing all the heavy cleaning. Focus on one area for 20 minutes and be done for the day. Mop, sweep and vacuum the floors one day, clean your bathrooms the next day and laundry and bedding another day. Getting the most out of your existing space by having a designated spot for everything. This tip has been touched on briefly but once you have got a spot for an item put it away. One way to help with this step is to make sure things are convenient to get and if it’s not then putting an item away again won’t be easy either.

These are the 10 tips for cleaning your home. Just focus on accomplishing something daily and you will find that you are spending less time trying to keep things organized because they already are.

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10 Tips for Cleaning Your Home

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