10 Places You Must Not Visit

It may be easy and simple for anyone to visit some of the distant places all over the world. But then, some places need to be avoided due to their conditions and features.  If you have planned to visit some of these dangerous places, you need to be more aware of some of the possible risks and take the necessary precautions.

Places Not to Visit

Here are the 10 places you must not visit:

Caracas, Venezuela

This is Venezuela City’s capital that faces a lot of crisis problems, specifically drug gangs. This is also known for its serious crimes like theft and mugging. And, this is the reason why the place proves to be very undesirable for a lot of tourists.

Ciudad Juarez in Mexico

Ciudad Juarez is known to be one of the most violent cities in Mexico. Some police officials are paid off by drug gangs. This only means that there are a lot of crimes in this place, and many are still unpunished.

Cape Town in South Africa

Due to the social unrest and poverty prevalence in this city, this place continues to experience high rates of crime. Despite the number of tourists that visit the place due to nature’s proximity and natural beauty, this still can be considered as dangerous to visit. But, it is possible to experience great joy and excitement in this place. This is also as long as you avoid the dangerous sections of this place.

Rio de Janeiro

There are a lot of cities in Brazil that are known for crimes. One of these cities is none other than the Rio de Janeiro. This is actually safer at these present days as compared to the previous years. But, there are still some areas in the place that are not safe. It is also good to enjoy the visits to the beaches and resorts in the city. But, you need to take some necessary precautions at all times.

Guatemala City

Despite the huge numbers of tourist attractions in this place, this is still plagued by different drug violences. This is also high in its murder rate and almost all types of crimes like carjacking, street robberies are found here. This is the reason why it is suggested to just visit some of the safer regions of Guatemala.

Acapulco, Mexico

During the previous years, this city is considered to be luxurious and safe for the tourists. As the tourism of the place is significantly improved, drug violence also made the place even more dangerous for tourists. Statistics have also revealed that people who visit the place are advised to stay on their properties or resorts. This way, they can prevent the crimes.

Baghdad, Iraq

Gunfire, bombing, and all other violent situations can be experienced in Baghdad, Iraq. This is the reason why it simply belonged to the top 10 places you should not visit. This is also not safe for most of the tourists. Since this place poses violence, you can expect of unpredictable terrorism outbreaks as well.

Place Not to Visit

Kabul Afghanistan

This is also considered to be the most dangerous places that need to be avoided. Bombings and terrorist attacks are also quite common in this place. This is the reason why it is heading to uncertainties and it is considered to be very dangerous.

Karachi Pakistan

This place has recently been experiencing crimes and political unrests including terrorism. Assassination is also common, including gang warfare and bombings. This place is also considered to be the center of crimes and violence.

San Pedro Sula

This place is also a violent city with higher rates of homicide, illegal firearms and arms trafficking. This is the reason why a lot of tourists avoid visiting this place.

These are the 10 places you must not visit despite the fact that they boast of beautiful tourist attractions. You will be most assured that your life and belongings will always be safe.

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10 Places You Must Not Visit

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